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Charles Ross performing in One Man Star Wars Trilogy

City News

April 12, 2008


Canadian comedian Charles Ross is one of the more unusual acts performing in the Cracker Comedy Festival, with his One Man Star Wars Trilogy.

Charles’ energetic show brings to life all the characters from the original Star Wars trilogy and was the surprise hit of last year’s festival. “I’m the geek aspect,” he says.

In taking an audience through the story of Luke Skywalker, Charles plays 40 characters and is a one man movie epic.

“There are no props. It’s just me, my voice and my body. I’m conjuring Star Wars from the ether,” he says.

Contrary to appearances, Charles says he is not the product of a lethal 1980s combination of suburban lounge room, VCR, the rewind button and the terminally bored.

“The damage was already done. I just watched it so many times as a kid,” he says. “I could have filled my time with soccer but I filled it with Star Wars. What do you do with all that incredibly useless information? Not much. But it’s incredibly useful if you’ve got a Star Wars show.”

While his appeal to Star Wars fans is obvious, Charles says it confounds him too that such a broad audience respond to his show. For some he is providing a first introduction to that galaxy far away as he sings the music, fights the battles and condenses the plots of all three original films.

“I’m either preaching to the converted or if I’m an introduction to Luke Skywalker, it’s so hectic and absorbing it works on different levels,” he says.

Whatever the case, Charles says that comedy is either topical or universal and that his comic style is firmly in the universal realm. “A person who’s funny is funny. But if you talk about your family with someone it may not go down so well. If you talk about families, you’ve got them.”

Charles says his message for Sydney audiences is to stay in touch with that inner child. “Remember what it was like to be a kid,” he says. “Remember when you loved something so unabashedly, when you loved it so much.”

One Man Star Wars Trilogy
April 29 – May 4
Metro Theatre

624 George Street, Sydney
Bookings: 9550 3666 or