UTS is a partner in the European Erasmus Mundus Masters, in Journalism, Media and Globalisation.

An international consortium of universities and media outlets work closely together to run the Mundus Journalism programme.

Erasmus Mundus Exchange – An opportunity for Postgraduate Journalism students


In Autumn 2011, students from Aarhus University will be taking a full semester at UTS as part of their Masters. In return, there will be an opportunity for UTS students to study two subjects in the Masters program in Aarhus. This is a great opportunity to be part of an international program with students from 23 countries. You will take Journalism Research (rather like our Journalism studies ) and Analytical journalism ( a form of in-depth journalism which overlaps with investigative journalism but is broader encompassing some other forms of analytical writing).

Students who take this option will be enrolled and pay normal tuition fees at UTS but study in Aarhus. It would be possible for a student continuing from the B.A. ( Comm.) to the Masters at UTS to take this option as part of their course. It is possible to apply for $1000 assistance from UTS International to support this option.

Students with some background in German could also consider an exchange into the Masters at Hamburg University.

For students with a strong background or interest in photojournalism, it is also possible to compete for places in the 6 month photojournalism course at the Danish School of Media and Journalism as an exchange with two electives in your MAJ or as part of your Journalism Major Project .

If you are interested in exploring these options, please email Wendy.Bacon@uts.edu.au before October 3, 2011.