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It’s the end of the year and the holiday season is upon us. Some time off, what bliss…

But before finally settling into the break, I have made sure to book Master O’s swimming lessons for the New Year. He had to be enrolled on 20 December 2010, or we’d miss out!

Swimming classes resume for us on 24 January 2011 and are very popular for little ones, particularly during summer.

Master O and I have been trying out quite a few pools and swim schools recently and we have decided we love Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre.

It’s newly renovated, has a well-stocked cafe and the indoor “purpose built program pools” for lessons are great.

First forays in the pool by Master O.

The Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre Swim School takes place in two purpose built program pools, heated at 31 degrees Celsius. Lessons are offered year round in the mornings, afternoons and on weekends. All instructors are Austswim qualified and provide a professional, happy and safe learning environment. Click here to view the current swim school timetables.

The LPAC swim school is a Royal Life Saving Society “Swim and Survive” endorsed swim school. The program is designed not only to teach your child to swim, but to make them water aware. This enables them to offer the lessons free of GST.

From LPAC website: “A conscious decision to teach your child or yourself to swim is one of the most important decisions you will make in life.”

The swim school caters for all your swimming and recreational needs, and offers the following range of classes:

  • Water awareness for babies from 6 months old
  • Learn to Swim for toddlers and school age children
  • Adult Learn to Swim and Stroke Correction
  • Special Needs Swimming
  • School Swimming Programs
  • Squad Programs
  • Holiday Intensive programs

Class Structure

The School is divided into 9 levels of learn to swim and seven squad levels. A participant will progress through each level by achieving specific skills, and are encouraged to progress steadily at their own pace.

WaterBabe (6-16 months) – Parent/Child

This level is designed to assist infants and their parents to become familiar with the water and develop water confidence. Through participating in a range of safe and enjoyable activities, a parent or carer shares a special time interacting with their baby in the water.

WaterTot (16-30+ months) – Parent/Child

Water confidence, awareness and elementary swimming skills are revised and built upon. Lessons are based around establishing patterns through repetition, with activities chosen to match suitability of the group’s skill level and age appropriateness.

Early Tadpoles (30-36 months) – Parent/Child

This class is designed to bridge the gap between WaterTots and Tadpoles, readying the infant for lessons independent from the parent/carer. Classes focus on minimising the level of involvement from the parent/carer over the course of time in this level. This level is only offered to infants who have progressed from WaterTot.


This class introduces the child to their first level of swimming education without the parent or carer. Elementary swimming skills such as kicking, paddling and breathing are taught as well as safety skills including floating, entries and exits.


With water safety and elementary skills firmly in place, this class further develops dogpaddle to include breathing and distance as well as introducing basic freestyle arms. Streamlining torpedoes and backstroke kicking skills are also established. Frogs will also be introduced to various types of floating, which will aid body position in future levels.


Basic freestyle is refined and the first stages of teaching side breathing are added. Elementary backstroke is introduced combining arm action and breathing with the already mastered back kick. Many intermediate safety skills are introduced, aimed at individual survival.


The combination of side breathing, freestyle arms and flutter kick are coordinated to produce freestyle with bilateral breathing. The swimming distance is increased to 20m for freestyle and backstroke and elementary breaststroke kicking is demonstrated. Advanced safety skills are introduced.


This level aims to refine freestyle and backstroke technique, while increasing the swimmer’s stamina over longer distances. Breaststroke kick is further developed and butterfly kick is also established. Much of the safety is taken outdoors to continue the challenge for swimmers in this level.


This is the advanced stroke correction class. Freestyle and backstroke endurance is continued and extended. Breaststroke kick is further developed, with butterfly arms and standing dives are introduced for the first time. Sharks safety week takes on an endurance focus with survival and rescue sequences attempted by students.

LPAC Swim School Cancellation Policy

All cancellation requests must be received in writing prior to the commencement of the enrolled term. Please notify the Swim School office as quickly and as timely as possible.

A refund will only be issued under the following guidelines:

  • Only in case of illness or injury, where the participant has missed four or more consecutive lessons. 
  • Only be accepted with current and relevant medical documentation, covering ALL missed lessons.
  • All notification for refund must be received when illness or injury occurs to receive any refund. Request must be received prior to completion of course. Requests received after completion of course will not be accepted. 
  • Enrolments cannot be transferred to another person and enrolment fees cannot be transferred to other LPAC programs or services.  

Make-up lessons

Make up lessons are issued in our winter terms 2 & 3. Due to the popularity of the summer period, make –up lessons are not offered in term 4&1.

  • Only issued in the case of injury or illness, where the participant has missed two or more consecutive lessons.
  • Only be accepted with current or medical documentation
  • Can only be taken in the within the enrolled term where spaces are vacant
  • LPAC can not guarantee time will be available to suit your needs 


Olivier booked in to WaterTots, Mondays 11.30 am to 12.00 pm. 

Starts 24 January 2011.



Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre

Mary Street, Lilyfield


Ph: 9555 8344