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Session 1

• Story spotting. How to pick an idea from the news media/other sources, develop it and target your dream publication. (Also, how to deal with rejection and where to find other outlets!)

• Developing the story. To consider: photos, breakouts, case studies, experts/talents, voice, style, genre and different mediums.

Session 2

• How to pitch a story – using email, the phone and face-to-face meetings.

• Ways to follow up with editors and land the commission.

• Perfecting the pitch. Pitching workshop. Students will be asked to come with a welldeveloped idea to pitch in-class.

Session 3

• The essentials of researching, writing and filing saleable copy.

• How to research the story and gather the raw material.

• How to plan, construct and write your story.

• Tips and tricks on polishing and editing your copy.

Session 4

• The importance of networking and the contact book.

• How to avoid editorsʼ pet hates.

• Copyright, re-selling and re-packing your story.

• Exploring the overseas market.

• Accounting and maintaining a successful home office.



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