Director’s Message

It has been lovely to be back at SDN Pyrmont, and so nice to see so many siblings of children from years ago. To have built and maintained those long term relationships with families for so many years is a very unique and special thing.

Marifel and Temperance are due to return on Monday 2nd May, Temperance will join the group in the Babies room and Marifel will resume as Director.

I will end my time here that week and look forward to returning some time in the future once again……


Signing in and Out:

Please remember to sign your child in and out everyday. It is a legal requirement for centre accountability and to ensure you are entitled to the government child care benefit rebate.

2-5’s room Sheets:

On the first day of your child’s attendance can you please put your child’s sheets in the big cane basket by the lockers. On the last day of your child’s attendance we will put their sheets in their locker for washing.

Many thanks for your co-operation.

Medication Policy:

See attached. Quick tips:

* You must fill in a permission form if your child requires medication and sign off each afternoon to acknowledge it has been given.

* We can only give prescription medication to your child if it is in it’s original bottle with name etc on label

* We can only give non- prescribed medication IF you have provided a doctor’s letter as to why, the directions, length of time etc.


We welcome Sofia, Amelie, Jayan, Samson, Tyla, Olivier, Sebastian, Harvey and Alexandra who started in our babies’ room. We have rearranged the room and created a baby area near the door.

Small toys are put on the carpet for the young infants to explore. At the moment Alexandra and Samson like cruising around furniture while Tyla and Amelie enjoy playing on the carpet.

Exploring the environment plays an important role in their play. We are spending time on settling them in the centre and making them feel secure about their new surroundings.

We program for the toddlers according to their development and interests. For example, dolly nappies were put in the home corner to stimulate imaginative play, plastic food is changing regularly to maintain interest, stacking cups and stacking rings to refine fine motor skills, puzzles to develop matching concepts, singing songs with numbers engage children in counting while playing, and we sang and listened to multicultural songs/ music to celebrate Harmony Day.

Infants love sensory play. Jayan engaged in the activity for some time. He touched it and watched it slip from his fingers.We continued our art project. We included some festivals in our project and children are provided with new experiences. For example, they painted rabbits for Chinese New Year in February, and painted paper cylinders to celebrate Harmony Day in March.

Angela, Iryna, Amanda, Colleen and Sofia


We are pleased to announce that the preschool room is always evolving with ongoing experiences based on the children’s interest.

To foster and promote the opportunity for the children to have a strong sense of identity by belonging being and becoming in the preschool enviroment empowered for their own learning.

A big welcome to Frankie, Charlene, Lucas, Indigo, Regan, Ryan, Lochie and Matilda that have all graduated from the infant’s room.

Another big welcome to Zekyle, Mary and Ivy who have also joined our preschool

Birthday wishes

Many happy returns to Regan, Ryan and Aiden.

The current areas of interest that are currently taking place in the preschool room are:

Welcome to our community!!

Our community has always been an important aspect in our preschool program.

We have extended the children’s interest of the local community into our preschool room as the children construct their homes the environments that they live in. Ren has chosen to live by the beach and a park which is depicted in her 3D Box construction. Dean decided to build a house for his animals that live by the sea.

Our families

All the children love to role play and imitate what their parents /educators do.

Manon, Sahya, Jade and Ren are demonstrating a lot of nurtering skills throughout their play by dressing undressing, washing the dolls and putting them to bed.

Takumi and Niran are also dramatising nurturing roles as they dramatise taking the children for a drive in the big red car.

We celebrated St Patricks by listening and dancing to Irish music. See more info in the Preschool room.


Literacy is always an ongoing interest that is implemented in the preschool room. Book week provided a great opportunity for the children to dress up as their favourite book character as well as sharing their favourite books with their peers.

Exposure to print and writing is offered in an informal manner for the children to initiate their own writing as they experiment with print. They are gently guided by being assisted to hold their pencil correctly as the form to write their names with the aid visual props.

We welcome printed media in other languages so we can expose children to a variety of print.

Helping Victims of The Japan Disaster

The children have been discussing the recent disasters and have decided we need to help! The way that they thought we could help was by collecting money donations and sending the funds to Japan.

Ren was the first child to bring in money for the children of Japan today. We are asking parents with their children, to bring in a donation. When we have collected all we can, the children will go on an excursion to the Pyrmont commonwealth bank to deposit the money into a charity account, that will make its way safely to the children in need affected by the terrible natural disaster in Japan.

Angela, Juliet, Sev and Sarah

Dates to Remember:

•  Centre Committee Meeting

Wednesday 13th April

•  Easter Egg Hunt

Thursday 21st April at 4pm


The centre will be closed Friday 22nd through to Tuesday 26th April inclusive. Fees are still payable during this time.

Have a lovely safe Easter loooooooooong weekend