We are very glad to have Quentin join our team, he is a very experienced administrator and has child care experience which is very useful in his ability to understand and support us. We will be working on improving some systems to ensure effective communication with families and to ensure that all records and fees are up to date.

In the upcoming weeks we will be in touch with families to discuss the bond gap that needs to be paid, check that we have all your email addresses and ask that all families bring in their child’s immunisation schedules to update our records and contacting families who continue to forget to sign in and out.

More information to come…..

Fire Drills & the IMPORTANCE of signing in and out

We will be having more regular fire drills than ever before to ensure all children and new staff are involved in the process. The local firefighters visited the service and did a drill with the children, this was a very exciting opportunity indeed they made some useful suggestions and spoke with the children at length as to why we practice fire drills.

We have noticed that on many occasions there are children who are not signed in or out. We use the roll in the event of a fire drill or a real fire to account for children who are in the centre. Please ensure you diligently sign and write the time you bring your child in or take them home. Please communicate this message to any of your family or friends who do drop offs and pick ups for you.

We appreciate your help. Thank you

Food risks???

Being allergy aware is very important in our centre as we have children with allergies. We appreciate that many families are aware and communicate to us when they are bringing in birthday cakes that they are nut free. It is a relief for us to know you are all aware of the risks and ensure to keep our children safe.

Please be mindful of any food that you may bring into the centre and leave e.g in your child’s bag or in their pram. Many packaged foods such as muesli bars etc do contain nuts or traces of them.

Please limit any food coming into the centre other than birthday cakes…keep them coming!!!

Infant Space

Welcome to Jonah, Zavier and Harrison who have joined us in the last month.

As our toddlers are growing up, they are interested in pretend play. We have widened the home corner so they have more space to play. Hayley, Lena and Tia like to go shopping with baskets. Olivier enjoyed tasting the food. Alexander and Oscar love to ride the train (lining up and sitting on the chairs). Children develop their social skills while playing.

Children are refining their gross motor skills by challenging themselves by jumping from the plank which we set up higher than before, sitting on big blocks and rolling down the soft blocks.

Children are involved learners.

Peers start to form groups. Friendships are strengthened and children develop a sense of belonging. Usually 2 or 3 children start a game and the other children will join in. Olivier, Oscar and Rowan played a game of hide and seek behind a curtain and Alexander and Tia came over and joined in. Though sometimes there are conflicts due to egocentricism, they are managing it, which is part of the process of growing up.

Children’s language is developing. Songs and dancing are part of our programming. Tia, Jordan and most of the other children can sing songs and are always asking for their favourite songs to be sung. Children love books especially the ones with rhymes. These days they can use simple words to express themselves and their needs. They are becoming assertive.

Sorting shapes, matching puzzles and counting are toddler activities too. They learn problem solving skills through play.

Young infants mostly engage in exploring the environment. They explore toys in many ways such as touching, tasting and even throwing them on the floor to see what sounds they make or what happens next. They also love to explore by the sense of touch.

Amelie touched the rough surface of the pineapple. Alexandra engaged in finger painting. Nearly all the children love painting. We provided various painting experiences such as painting on dry Autumn leaves. Oscar asked to paint more leaves after finishing painting one. Samson started holding a brush to paint with.

Finally many of our babies have started walking. They walk around the room to get the toys they want. They have become mobile and more actively involved in learning.

The Babies Room Educators

Preschool Space

The Preschool Room at a glance

“What has my child been involved in?”

Over the last couple of months the children and educators have been very busy extending upon a variety of interests and ideas.

The children have been exploring, questioning, hypothesising, researching, creating and experimenting.

One of our interest has been in exploring the realms of creative arts as a vessel for learning, incorporating dance, music, drama and art into all subjects and interests of the children.

The fairy tale of ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves’ stimulated many children’s imaginations, and we all have been creatively exploring this interest.

Sahya, Jack, Marley, Zekyle, Aiden, Wil, Maxwell, Zachariah (the seven dwarves) use the shovels as ‘picks in the diamond mine, and tap to the words “dig dig dig dig the whole day through.”

As listening to music is a big part of life at Pyrmont, we stumbled across the song “HI HO” from the Disney movie one morning. The children listened and learnt to sing along.

This then led to dancing and re-enacting the characters from the movie.

We read the book and then the children began to playing the game Snow White in the play ground. Sev brought in the DVD to watch and the children loved it! We printed out a pantomine script of the story and the children volunteered to play the characters. This then led them to design costumes with materials from around the centre.

We then went on to make poison apples for our game. We decided to make these using paper mache. This was a fun process that required patience to watch them dry before we could paint them. This activity led to discussions around safety and what’s safe to eat and what could be poisonous.

The story has incorporated the use of mirrors in our play as a good tool for exploring identity and a sense of self.

Here Aiden is the Prince that has come to save Snow White

(Manon) and take her off to his castle!

The Preschool Educators

Ballet Performer

The children absolutely loved having Kara the Ballerina visit our centre. Kara showed us some wonderful ballet postures and did a lovely performance of her own. Thank you to all the families who dressed their children up for the day…they all looked divine. If you are interested in your child participating in further dance classes, please take a brochure in the front foyer or contact Nicola Baartse 0402 299 592

Oasis Movement Academy, Email:




Parent reminder – Bring sheets please

Could all families please remember to bring sheets in your child’s ‘labelled sheet bag’ on the first day of their attendance and take them home for washing on the last day of attendance of each week. We appreciate your help.

Toddler Positive Parenting Study – Would you like to help?

Toddler Positive Parenting Study

Researchers at the University of Sydney are comparing two different versions of a positive parenting program for parents of toddlers who hit, bite or kick. In doing this study, they hope to learn more about how best to help and support parents to manage challenging behaviours in their toddlers.

Parents of two-year-olds who would like help to manage their child’s behaviour are invited to participate in the study.

All families will take part in a group positive parenting program.

For more information, please phone 9351 8591 or e-mail


Dates to Remember

School Photos – more information to come

Monday 12 and Thursday 15 September

Last day for 2011

Thursday 22 December

First day back for 2012

Tuesday 11 January…no fees are charged for the period we are shut YIPEE!!!!