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Paesanella Latticini Cremeria

Paesanella has gone from strength to strength since we first bought fresh ricotta in plastic colanders from their factory in Marrickville.

This cheese factory has been producing ricotta, stracchino, bocconcini, mascarpone and mozzarella since 1962.

Run by Teresa Somma and her sons, Joe (manager, pictured with Teresa) and Max (cheese-maker), they opened a fresh cheese shop in Haberfield, at 88 Ramsay Street, aswell, in 2001.

Paesanella’s point of difference is its range of fresh Neapolitan style cheeses. Lucky customers who arrive at the factory at the right time can even pick up ricotta that is still hot, having just been made. Buffalo mozzarella, bocconcini, fior de latte and mascarpone are just a few of the other fresh cheeses you can sample at Paesanella.

The range of fresh cow’s milk cheeses is extraordinary, with both fesh and smoked mozzarella, decadent burrata (mozzarella with cream and butter inside), and mozzarella stuffed with olives and rolled with rocket.

Although famous for their fresh cheeses, at the Haberfield store there’s also a wide range of imported hard cheeses, antipasti and other gourmet goodies.

The Paesanella art of fresh cheese making has been passed down through the family for the past 300 years. Centuries later the quality of the cheese hasn’t diminished and neither has the family’s passion for their product, as it is still a family owned business.

But with so many cheeses, so little time, where does one start? Mascarpone reale (pictured), with its layers of mascarpone and gorgonzola, dressed with walnuts, is close to sinful and, yes, you can still get that fresh ricotta in the plastic container.

This is indeed cheese heaven.


27 Gerald Street

9519 6181


Mon to Fri 6am-1pm

Also at 88 Ramsay Street, Haberfield, 9799 8483

Mon to Fri 8am-5.30pm, Sat 7am-2.30pm

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