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Living in Rome, the closest beach is Ostia, but far more beautiful is Sperlonga, not so far away either.

While you might not think of Rome as a seaside destination, it’s easy to take a day trip to the beach from Rome. If you’re in Rome and want to quickly escape the heat of the city, the best place to go is Ostia Lido.

While it might not be as glamorous as some of the other Italian beaches, it has been cleaned up in the past few years and has some nice private beach areas available for day use.

Ostia beach is known for its dark sand. There’s also a boardwalk and a few public beaches. For less crowded and more comfortable beach areas, you can pay about ten euro for private beach entrance which includes use of a beach chair and towel.

Sperlonga, on the other hand,  is a coastal town in the province of Latina, Italy, about half way between Rome and Naples. It has a beautiful white sand beach and is very clean.

Surrounding towns include Terracina to the West, Fondi to the North, Itri to the North-East, and Gaeta to the East.

Still an easy day trip from Rome, however.