In order to justify my year-long sabbatical from work to live in Italy (a treat I allowed myself after 10 years of working), I gained a scholarship through the Italian Embassy in Australia.

I studied for and gained a mini-Masters (one year study), called a Corso di Perfezionamente, in journalism, communications and publishing (all in Italian).

The following pics were taken before I’d started uni, on a trip to finalise my enrolment and check the place out.

Translation: This faculty, recognising the constitutional values of anti-fascism and democracy, repudiates violence, racism and war as an instrument of offence.

In order to get to uni, I get a bus from Trastevere to Piramide (on a major intersection and also the spot for bus stops and a metro).

Piramide is a station on Line B of the Rome Metro. It was opened on 10 February 1955 and is sited on Piazzale Ostiense (across which is the Pyramid of Cestius that gives the station its name) just outside Porta San Paolo, in the Ostiense quarter.

Its atrium houses mosaics that have won the Artemetro Roma by Enrico Castellani (Italy) and Beverly Pepper (USA). The station has escalators.