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I have been thinking of late of enhancing Master O’s active pursuits. Our “gym and swim” sessions have become a regular and very popular feature of this year, starting at Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre and more recently moving to Hurstville Aquatic Leisure Centre so that we can add in some step and weights class action.

With heated swimming pools, all of this is set continue for 2012. But what’s next? I’m thinking about both dancing and soccer – am sure he would love both/either since has energy to burn and loves to mimic my moves. At Miss E’s dance concert in Cairns in September this year he was up out of his seat, dashing in front of the stage and trying to join in.

On the dancing side I’ve found that Newtown Dance Academy has “Tiny Tot” classes for children aged 2 to under 5 years. Quite surprising really since most dance schools seem to start everything from around 3-4 years of age.

We’ll explore all in the new year.

Newtown Dance Academy

95 Lennox Street  Newtown NSW 2042

Brenda Jackson

m:0408 449 800

Ph: 02 9557 6317

About Newtown Dance Academy
Newtown Dance Academy offers classes for everyone no matter what age or level from tiny tots and up.  You may want a future in dance or to learn for fitness, posture, fun, health, discipline, love, creative expression or career. Whatever it is we can provide it and offer guidance.  Newtown Dance Academy teaches BBO tap, RAD ballet, jazz, funk, hip hop, modern, zumba, film drama, stretch and toning.  Singing is incorporated in the program.

Offered in two exciting locations right in the heart of the Inner West of Sydney, the Newtown Dance Academy is offering a full range of classes including each of the traditional and non traditional dance forms. We cater for a range of people from young tots enjoying their first organised social and physical activity through to the seasoned dancer; from the amateur to the professional.  Newtown Dance Academy is a safe and fun environment for learning.


We are excited to say that our classes are held at Coronation Hall 95 Lennox St Newtown and tap is at St Luke’s Hall 11 Stanmore Rd Enmore.  Our timetable set as a general guide is below. Please let me know if you prefer different times and the class/es you require via email or phone so that I may give you your class time/s.

Enquiries for  senior (Adult/Teenage) classes; mums and bubs welcome.

Classes follow school terms please see below.   Term 4 starts Monday October 10 – Saturday 17 December.

Class ages

Tiny Tot classes age 2 – under 5 years old

Pre-Primary and junior classes age 5 +

Pre-Senior classes age 7 + but ability will be considered

Senior classes teenagers and adults but ability will be considered

Set Classes

Saturday Classes

Tiny Tots Jazz 9am Coronation Hall (half hour)

Junior Hip Hop/Jazz 9.30am Coronation hall (one hour)

Pre-Senior Hip Hop/Jazz 10.30am Coronation Hall (one hour)

Pre-Primary Modern (Contemporary Ballet) 11.30am Coronation Hall (one hour)

Tiny Tots Ballet 12.30pm Coronation Hall (half hour)

Senior (Adults) Hip Hop and or Jazz 1.00pm Coronation Hall (one hour)

Monday Classes

Pre-Senior Ballet (Grade 5) 3.30pm Coronation Hall (one hour)

Senior (teenagers) Hip Hop/Jazz 4.30pm Coronation Hall (one hour)

Pre-Primary Ballet 5.30pm Coronation Hall (one hour)

Senior Ballet (Adults & teenagers) 6.30pm Coronation Hall (one hour)

Pointe class (Adults & teenagers) 7.30pm Coronation Hall (half hour)

Tuesday Classes

Pre-Primary Tap 4pm St Luke’s Hall (one hour)

Pre-Senior Tap 5pm St Luke’s Hall (one hour)

Senior Tap (Adults and teenagers welcome) 6pm St Luke’s Hall (one hour)

Wednesday Classes

Senior (Adults & teenagers) Hip Hop and or Jazz 6pm Coronation Hall (one hour)

Friday Classes

Exam Ballet & Tap 5.30pm St Luke’s Hall (one hour)

Senior Modern (Contemporary) Ballet 6.30pm St Luke’s Hall (one hour)

Zumba 7.30pm St Luke’s Hall (one hour)

NDA Terms 2011

Term 4 (10 weeks)
Monday 10 October 2011 - Saturday 17 December 2011

There will be a school holiday programme in January 2012.