2012 Timetable

Newtown Dance Academy classes are held at Coronation Hall 95 Lennox St Newtown and tap is at St Luke’s Hall 11 Stanmore Rd Enmore.

Please let me know if you prefer different times and the class/es you require via email or phone so that I may try to accommodate you.

Enquiries for senior (Adult/Teenage) classes; mums and bubs welcome.

Classes follow school terms:

Term 2 starts Monday April 23 – Saturday June 23 (9 weeks)

* Anzac day Wed April 25 classes will be held Wed June 27

*Queen’s Birthday Mon 11 June classes will be held Mon June 25

Term 3 starts Monday July 16 – Saturday September 15 (9 weeks)

Term 4 starts Monday 8 October – Saturday December 8 (9 weeks)

Class ages

Tiny Tot classes age 2 – under 5 years old

Pre-Primary and junior classes age 5 +

Pre-Senior classes age 7 + but ability will be considered

Senior classes teenagers and adults but ability will be considered

Set Classes

Saturdays Classes

Tiny Tots Jazz 9am Coronation Hall (half hour)

Junior Hip Hop/Jazz 9.30am Coronation hall (one hour)

Pre-Senior Hip Hop/Jazz 10.30am Coronation Hall (one hour)

Pre Primary Ballet 11.30am Coronation Hall (one hour)

Tiny Tots Ballet 12.30pm Coronation Hall (half hour)

Tiny Tots Tap 1pm Coronation Hall (half hour)

Adults (and teen) beginners ballet 2pm Coronation Hall (one hour)

Adults Hip Hop Jazz/Zumba 3pm Coronation Hall (one hour)

Mondays Classes

Tiny Tots Ballet 3.30pm Coronation Hall (half hour)

Tiny Tots Jazz 4pm Coronation Hall (half hour)

Senior (teenagers) Hip Hop/Jazz 4.30pm Coronation Hall (one hour)

Primary Ballet 5.30pm Coronation Hall (one hour)

Senior Ballet (Adults & teenagers) 6.30pm Coronation Hall (one hour)

Pointe class (Adults & teenagers) 7.30pm Coronation Hall (half hour)

Tuesdays Classes

Tiny Tots Jazz 10am Coronation Hall (half hour or an hour)

Junior Hip Hop Jazz 3.30pm St Luke’s Hall (half hour)

Grade 1 Tap 4pm St Luke’s Hall (one hour)

Pre-Senior Tap 5pm St Luke’s Hall (one hour)

Senior Tap (Adults and teenagers welcome) 6pm St Luke’s Hall (one hour)

Wednesday Classes

Pre-Primary Tap 3.30pm St Luke’s Hall (one hour)

Grade 2 Tap 4.30pm St Luke’s Hall (one hour)

Private Lesson 5.30pm St Luke’s Hall (half hour)

Contemporary 6pm St Luke’s Hall (one hour)

Zumba 7.30pm Adults and Teens, Athena School Hall (one hour)

Thursdays Classes

Grade 2 Ballet 6pm Coronation Hall (one hour)

Senior Hip Hop Jazz (Adults & teenagers) 7pm Coronation Hall (one hour)

Newtown Dance Academy


Brenda Jackson Principal 02 9557 6317 0408 449 800