I was excited to be going to the Saturday market in Rarotonga, and had planned our trip so that we got to have two Saturdays in our 10 days for just this reason.

The Saturday market, Punanga Nui, is large and it’s where everything is sold – fresh fruit and flowers, food, and plenty of  crafts, jewellery and gifts for taking home. There’s also a great cultural show of traditional dancing, held mid-morning.

Everyone is at the markets on Saturday. Just as they should be, I love it!


Our goal was to get a ukulele.

But first, we found the famous “Waffle Shack”. A-m-a-z-i-n-g!  Seriously, these waffles are out of this world good. Paw paw so tasty to die for, with banana and coconut yumminess on top makes for a divine and decadent breakfast.


So far, so good and then heaven! We found our ukulele man. M&M Ukalele and Crafts. They have been making ukuleles (which they call ukaleles, confusing I know) for three generations.

This is actually our ukulele! Made by Mahutaariki Adamu. How beautiful! Carved with a turtle and four types of wood (including teak and kauri). And strung with a 10kg fishing line. He plays ukulele beautifully, with a pick-up, made electric.

Such a joyous moment!




And then our long trek began … all to find an ATM.

We did make it back though and they packed our lovely away for us.




plus, we got a great CD:

I’ll give you fish and chips, if you give me a kiss..


We made it back in time to the resort for a great swim.