1. Black Pearls – this is a highly sought after item while on holiday in the Cook Islands. These pearls are harvested in the outer islands with many merchants selling all sorts of the jewellery at the Saturday markets (such as necklaces, earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets).

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2. Arts and Crafts (ukuleles pictured) – the Cook Islands are well known for their 8 stringed ukuleles and log drums. These are very popular items for visitors to take back home with them for themselves or as requested by other family members.


3. Brunch/Lunch dishes – the Punganga Nui market has a wide array of cooked food available, some include chicken kebabs, pork bun, wraps, fries, barbecued lamb, pancakes, waffles, and the famous chicken on rice with mushroom sauce.  There are also a few vendors selling pastries and baked goods which are also extremely popular with locals and visitors alike.


4. Fresh produce – with many types of fruit and vegetables grown locally on Rarotonga, there is plenty available at the market.  The most common available include bananas, starfruit, passionfruit (seasonal), tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, taro, watermelon (seasonal), and mangoes (seasonal).