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The description for the Italian Gourmet Food Safari of Haberfield reads:

Haberfield is a glorious Italian village full of small family businesses with all the ingredients for a feast. We start with a coffee and explore delicatessens full of olives, cheeses, small-goods, olive oil, aged vinegar, pasta and sauces; a bakery famous for crusty pane di casa bread; a fresh pasta maker; artisan cheese maker, some of the best Italian fruit and vegetables and a perfect handmade chocolate shop. We enjoy a generous lunch of homemade pasta, wood-fired pizza & salads including wine (of course!) and finish with a specialist liqueur shop. Magnifico!

Tour meets in Haberfield


  • The warmth of our Italian guides and hosts
  • Meeting passionate shop-owners and tasting many new flavours
  • Learning how to use key ingredients with our guide to a Cheat’s Italian Dinner Party
  • Lunch with pasta, pizza and wine
  • A visit to Italy from mid morning to mid afternoon